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PMC Releases AML2 Monitors

Irvine, CA (September 20, 2010)—PMC is shipping its new AML2 Active Reference Monitor in North America.

Irvine, CA (September 20, 2010)—PMC is shipping its new AML2 Active Reference Monitor in North America.

The AML2 inherits the AML Series design and adds an EQ tilt, an enhanced power supply, and a revised cabinet structure with additional internal damping. “The result is astonishing,” said Maurice Patist, PMC’s president of Sales & Marketing. “A unique dual-driver layout with a low crossover frequency of just 1.4 kHz enables the AML2 to deliver astoundingly accurate playback for music and speech. The AML2’s performance cannot be matched by any other similarly sized reference monitor loudspeaker.”

Key design features include a PMC 6.5-inch/16.5 cm flat piston woofer constructed from a carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb that allows for large, controlled linear excursions and which ensures linear response down to 33 Hz. The PMC 1.3-inch/34 mm soft-dome tweeter with acoustic lens provides a wide, stable image. The amplifier’s true analog circuit design is licensed from Bryston, the world’s leading audiophile power-amplifier manufacturer.

“The AML2 is accurate, finely-detailed and capable of astonishing playback levels,” offers Grammy-winning engineer Mike Piersante, who recently completed a new album project with Elton John and Leon Russell, entitled The Union, with producer T Bone Burnett. Working at The Village in West Los Angeles, the soon-to-be-released CD was tracked in Studio D with orchestra and horn section, and mixed in Studio B on a large-format Neve 88R analog console with the new AML2 monitors. “I love these speakers,” T Bone Burnett enthuses about PMC’s latest-generation active systems. “The AML2s are incredibly useful small speakers with great depth, clarity and volume.”

“The first mixes I heard on the AML2s revealed details that I had not heard before,” Piersante recalls. “They offer a high level of transparency and depth, and produce a much bigger and full-spectrum sound than you would think capable from such a compact design; they don’t need subwoofers. The AML2s get very loud with no distortion or overload limiting – T Bone likes to listen real loud! But I can monitor at lower levels with the same degree of confidence; the clarity and definition are outstanding, with a broad stereo image and with amazing depth. There is no listener fatigue, even after long mixing sessions.”