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SoundField Surround Zone Plugs Into Nuendo

SoundField has announced the release of the new Surround Zone plug-in for Steinberg's Nuendo v.2 on both Mac and PC platforms.

SoundField has announced the release of the new Surround Zoneplug-in for Steinberg’s Nuendo V.2 on both Mac and PC platforms.

The Surround Zone brings SoundField’s surround and stereo processingto the digital domain. It combines the hardware features of both theSP451 Surround Processor and MKV System and is designed to accept theB-Format information generated by any of the current SoundFieldmicrophone models.

The plug-in enables the user, either live or in post-production, togenerate various surround mic arrays with variable polar patterns.Specifically, the Surround Zone provides a choice of three separate 5.1arrays, individual 6.1 and 7.1 arrays, independently variable width ofboth the front and rear pairs, phase coherent LFE and individual levelcontrols with Mute and Solo, all with bargraph metering. The SurroundZone can output mono, stereo, M/S, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or any future surroundformat.

The plug-in’s stereo page features fully variable, graphicallydisplayed polar patterns, variable stereo width, variable high-passfilter from 20 Hz up to 250 Hz and mid/side encoded output.

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