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TBJ Entertainment Launches Hi-Def DVD Division

TBJ Entertainment Inc., the award winning, multi-media production company founded by Anthony M. Bongiovi, recently launched a new high-definition DVD production division.

TBJ Entertainment Inc., the award-winning, multimedia productioncompany founded by Anthony M. Bongiovi, recently launched a newhigh-definition DVD production division. The new division’s formationcoincides with the February 10 release of This Left Feels Right(Island/Def Jam), the DVD concert video shot in Hi-Def from rock bandBon Jovi. The video was produced by TBJ’s Bongiovi, brother ofJon Bon Jovi, and recorded in conjunction with TBJ’s new productionpartner company, Big Vision Productions.

Pictured: Anthony Bongiovi

In related news, Bongiovi announced that Karl M. Lee has become anin-house producer with TBJ Entertainment.

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