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VIDEO: The Sound of ‘Thirteen Lives’

The audio team behind director Ron Howard's stunning docudrama, 'Thirteen Lives,' discusses its work on the film.

Hollywood, CA (December 7, 2022)—Direct from Mix Sound For Film: Awards Season 2022, we’re sharing all our extensive interviews with the audio pros behind the year’s biggest films this week! Preliminary voting for the Oscar Shortlists—including Best Sound and Best Original Score—runs December 12-December 15, 2022, while nomination voting for MPSE Golden Reels runs December 19-January 2, 2023, and CAS Awards nomination voting begins December 20, running through January 3, 2023. With all that coming up, this is your chance to discover what went into creating sound for this year’s top contending films, ensuring that your vote is well-informed!

The Sound of Thirteen Lives — Presented by Amazon Prime Video.

Director Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives recounts the incredible true-life tale of how more than a dozen children were rescued from inside flooded caverns in Thailand. Oliver Tarney, Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer; Rachael Tate, Supervising Sound Editor; and Re-Recording Mixer William Miller discuss their work on the film’s tension-filled audio track with Mix‘s Jennifer Walden.

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