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Audinate Dante Studio 2.0, Subscription Pricing Debut

Audinate has launched V2.0 of its Dante Studio software suite and introduced new subscription pricing.

Audinate Dante Studio 2.0
Audinate Dante Studio 2.0

Portland, OR (March 14, 2023)—Audinate has launched V2.0 of its Dante Studio software suite and additionally introduced new subscription pricing.

V2.0 is comprised of Dante RX, Dante TX, and Dante Video Viewer which brings Dante AV video directly into a PC from Dante AV Ultra or Dante AV-H cameras, encoders, or other computers running Dante Studio on the network, with no additional hardware needed.

Dante Studio is part of the Dante AV family of AV-over-IP solutions and shares the well-known and trusted Dante control and management platform. Dante Controller handles all device routing, naming and configuration for audio and video devices, allowing operators to control the entire AV network via a single interface. With Dante Domain Manager all audio and video endpoints can be secured with user access control, actively monitored, and remotely accessed to simplify system maintenance and support.

New features in 2.0 include the addition of Dante AV-H (H.264/AVC codec) support in Dante Video RX and Dante Video Viewer; Dante Video TX can now send video flows to Dante AV Ultra devices; new Dante Domain Manager support; and users can now purchase Dante Studio via a monthly subscription.

Audinate Dante Domain Manager Adds Dante Video Support

With Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal directly from Dante AV Ultra or Dante AV-H transmitters, cameras, or other computers running Dante Studio on their network. Dante Video RX presents video streams as a webcam or video source to applications that support the DirectShow interface. Dante Video RX facilitates a variety of networked video use cases, ranging from the video production and broadcast markets to corporate and higher education.

Meanwhile, Dante Video Viewer is a standalone application that allows users to see and monitor a Dante video stream from a Dante AV Ultra or Dante AV-H-enabled device or computer sharing its screen with Dante Video TX on the Dante network in real-time.

Dante Video TX now allows users to capture a display connected to a PC and transmit the captured video over the Dante Network. Users can then send this video stream to Dante AV Ultra receivers or another instance of Dante Studio using either Dante Video RX to bring the video into applications or Video Viewer to view the video in a standalone app.

Dante Studio is available as a 7-day free trial or subscription for $9.95 a month