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Audio Test Kitchen Opens ATK2.0

1.4 million microphones auditioned, plus 20x speed increase, 25 new sources, 200+ unboxing videos, instant audio switching, and real-world example recordings.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 8, 2020 — announces the opening of ATK2.0, featuring a 20x speed increase, 25 new sources, 200+ unboxing videos, instant audio switching, and real-world example recordings via Spotify integrated into their upgraded website.

To celebrate 1.4 million microphone auditions by 80,000 users, Audio Test Kitchen has launched a major performance and content upgrade for it’s free website where users can audition the sound of hundreds of microphones via real, standardized recordings and standardized frequency response graphs.

When live performance venues have largely shut down because of the pandemic, an artist’s ability to record and broadcast from home has taken on even greater importance which has increased the demand for high quality microphones.

“The world needs to do their best work from home, under these pandemic conditions and beyond,” says founder Alex Oana. “And to do our best work, audio creators need to find the best tools, quickly and confidently. Audio Test Kitchen makes it possible to evaluate and validate tools audio creation and music making online, starting with large diaphragm condenser microphones.”

65 participating manufacturers, 15 engineers, top research scientists at Harman International, and famous Los Angeles recording studios contributed to the creation of this first-of-kind resource.

Grammy-winning engineer Tony Maserati, renowned for applying his discriminating taste in analog and digital gear to the sound of his chart-topping mixes, puts it this way: “With Audio Test Kitchen, people will be able to decide for themselves because [those decisions] will be based in sound and not necessarily in brand name. It changes the paradigm. It’s a dramatic shift in how people will make decisions about their purchases.”

“The data is clear: There’s a ton of pent-up demand for actionable, unbiased, experienced-based product information in our market,” reports Oana. “One out of three people who see a video about Audio Test Kitchen become ATK users. And they explore the website, discovering and auditioning microphones for over 10 minutes on average, per session. Our users are very vocal on social media, expressing their amazement at the very existence of such a resource.”

According to Music & Arts Institute of Mexico musical director Christian Almanza, “Audio Test Kitchen is for me an amazing tool to find the perfect microphone that lets me express myself in a better way and create art in the best way possible. Also as an educator it helps me to bring more and better information about equipment to my students. Awesome and unique resource!”

Phil Wagner, Senior Vice President of Solid State Logic and ATK advisor, sums up the rising sentiment in the pro audio community: “In light of our current global reality, Audio Test Kitchen’s unprecedented resource could not have come at a better time.”

Audio Test Kitchen invites manufacturers from all categories of professional audio and musical instruments who are interested in participating to contact them via their website.