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Cycling ’74 Updates Soundflower for Intel-Based Macs

Cycling ’74 has released Soundflower Version 1.2, which adds Universal Binary support for Intel-based Macs. Soundflower is a free system extension that allows users to route audio between OS X Core Audio applications. It also lets users monitor any connection with the free Soundflowerbed application.

Cycling ’74 originally developed Soundflower as a way to allow applications developed with its Max/MSP audio environment to process audio originating from other programs. However, Soundflower can be used for more general audio routing tasks, patching either 2- or 16-channel data at 32-bit sample depth between any applications that support standard Core Audio driver selection. Soundflower can be selected as a default device in the Audio/MIDI Setup utility for programs that do not allow the selection of a specific output device, such as iTunes. As a result, Soundflower has found widespread use in the advanced podcasting community.

Soundflower and Soundflowerbed are free and can be downloaded at