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Denon Professional DN-F450R, DN-F650R Solid-State Audio Recorders

At InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Fla., Denon Professional is showing its DN-F450R and DN-F650R solid-state audio recorders in Booth 863. The recorders are able to record and read MP3 files and uncompressed WAV files to and from SD or SDHC cards, and the DN-F650R records to USB drives as well.

Denon DN-F650R

The single-rackspace DN-F650R ($999.99) has RS-232C and USB keyboard control, as well as inputs and outputs from AES/EBU to balanced XLR. Its playback features also include ±12-percent pitch control. The optional RC-F400 Remote Controller features a large LCD display and offers an ergonomically designed, intuitive control unit for instant playback of audio or audio elements (sound effects) via hot-buttons, making it applicable for live events, radio, television, etc.

Denon DN-450R

The DN-F450R ($699.99) is a 1RU, half-rackspace unit designed for cost-effective, reliable recording in any application requiring audio to be documented and stored. The DN-F450R features balanced/unbalanced inputs and is also controllable via RS-232C and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) for houses of worship, broadcast outfits, conference and meeting recordings, or anywhere a reliable audio recording is needed.

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