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Digigram Debuts LX1616ES EtherSound PCI Soundcard, PYKO IP Audio Endpoints

Digigram LX1616ES PCI network soundcard

At InfoComm 2008, Digigram is presenting the LX1616ES PCI network soundcard with DirectSound and ASIO drivers. The LX1616ES can transmit and receive up to 16 EtherSound channels, thus connecting computer-based audio applications to a 100Mb-per-second EtherSound network via a single Cat-5 cable.

The LX1616ES is designed for direct-to-disk applications that don’t necessarily require as many as 64 channels, but still require maximum flexibility to play and/or record selected ES-100 audio channels using just a single Cat-5 cable. A scaled-down version of the LX6464ES, LX1616ES offers a starting point for price-sensitive applications, particularly because it can be upgraded on the fly from a 16/16-channel count to 32/32, 48/48 and 64/64 through firmware updates.

Digigram states that in a live sound environment, the combination of a PC equipped with an LX1616ES (or LX6464ES) soundcard and an EtherSound-enabled digital mixing console can function as a cost-effective multitrack recorder. Entire shows can be recorded for mixdown at a later date, and that the resulting recordings could be used for soundchecks.

With their ability to record many channels from different locations, these cards can also be used for logging or surveillance applications, or playback and announcements in multiroom venues such as hotels or conference centers. It is also a tool for multichannel audio delivery and distribution via standard Ethernet in broadcast installations.

Digigram PYKO IP Audio endpoints

At InfoComm, Digigram is also introducing PYKO, a range of professional IP Audio endpoints and an advanced software solution for building digital audio networks. The solution targets a large scope of professional audio applications that need to distribute digital audio over shared IP networks, such as transportation, background music, paging, industrial and broadcast.

PYKO devices will either convert analog or digital audio sources to high-quality MP3 or PCM IP streams (PYKO-in), or play such streams from the network or from locally stored MP3 files (PYKO-out). PYKO offers robust, rackmountable casings, balanced I/Os on terminal block connectors, and eight GPIOs.

These units may be used “as-is” and configured through standard HTML pages for simple IP audio networks, or for more complex systems, Digigram offers an entirely revamped Audio Manager software, based on Visiblu, its Network Audio Operating System.

Audio Manager handles either audio (IP sources, analog sources, audio files, EtherSound channels) or application-specific control (events, schedules, scripts). Audio Manager also offers processing and mixing points within the network, such as triggering the mix of announcements with background music when a determined event occurs.

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