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EAW Launches New QX Series Loudspeakers

EAW is launching its new QX Series loudspeakers, which are optimized for installed system applications that require precise directivity in a powerful low-profile form. Engineered and manufactured at EAW’s facility in Whitinsville, Mass., the QX Series loudspeakers offer size-efficient yet very high output point source clusters. The series is geared toward medium-to-large-sized spaces, including sports arenas, but is also designed for venues that require high power and consistent coverage in a compact housing, including houses of worship, outdoor stadiums, performing arts venues, theaters and clubs.

The passive QX Series loudspeakers draw upon the development of EAW’s AX Series, and are wired for bi-amplification and designed for the creation of custom, seamless arrays. All full-range models have squared, symmetrical, dual-trapezoidal enclosures to provide extensive array flexibility. A centrally located co-axial MF/HF horn and two pairs (four) of phase-aligned neodymium 12-inch low frequency transducers team together to ensure that the entire frontal area contributes to horizontal and vertical pattern control capability. EAW states that the result is an extremely natural sounding loudspeaker with excellent pattern control and low distortion.

“Our new QX Series models offer high-end acoustical consultants and large design system contractors the ultimate in output and efficiency in a compact package,” says Jeff Rocha, EAW senior director of engineering. “The aim is always to provide great-sounding solutions for a wide variety of applications, responding to direct input from leading contractors and system integrators in the field, and the QX Series delivers on that promise.”

The five new models include the QX596 (with a dispersion pattern of 90×60 degrees), QX594 (90×45 degrees), QX566 (60×60 degrees), QX564 (60×45 degrees) and QX544 (45x 45 degrees). All units measure 27.96×27.96×23.95 inches and weigh 130 pounds. A variety of installation applications and accessories promise added flexibility for the installer. Optimized processor settings for the UX8800 Digital Signal Processor will be available for download at

EAW states that its QX Series loudspeakers will be available in August 2010. For more information, visit EAW’s QSX Series page.