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Mackie Introduces New Recording, Live Products

At the recent AES Convention, held October 28 – 31 in San Francisco, Mackie introduced five new products for both recording and live sound applications.

Mackie Onyx 400F

At the recent AES Convention, held October 28 – 31 in San Francisco, Mackie introduced five new products for both recording and live sound applications:

Onyx 400F 10-Channel FireWire Studio Recording Preamp

The Mackie Onyx 400F is a 10-channel, 192kHz-capable FireWire audio interface that features the new Mackie Onyx microphone preamps and on-board DSP matrix mixing.

Front panel controls on the Onyx 400F include control-room output level, dual independent headphone outputs with dedicated level control, dual instrument inputs, and four-segment metering for the mic inputs. The rear panel includes four combo mic/line inputs, balanced TRS sends and returns for the first two mic inputs, four line inputs, eight line outputs, Control Room outputs, Word Clock I/O, MIDI I/O, SPDIF I/O and two FireWire ports. Software includes Tracktion, Mackie’s audio recording and MIDI production software, as well as the Mackie Final Mix mastering toolkit. The complete Onyx 400F package will be available in early 2005 and carry an MSRP of $899.99 U.S.

HM54 Headphone Amp, HMX56 Tabletop Matrix Mixer/Amplifier

The Mackie HM54 is a 1U rackmount headphone amplifier that features balanced left and right TRS main inputs, as well as left and right TRS direct inputs on each of the four channels. Each channel offers its own dedicated headphone volume control, and a button that allows musicians to switch between direct mixes and the main mix. The HM54 offers a total of eight headphone output jacks—four on the front, four on the rear.

The Mackie HMX56 is a compact tabletop headphone matrix mixer/amplifier with advanced routing capabilities. The unit features stereo main inputs, which are automatically routed to each of the six discrete headphone outputs. Four additional mono source inputs can be combined with the main input feed on a channel-by-channel basis using the on-board 4 x 6 source matrix. The HMX56 also features an individual effects send for each mono source input and stereo main mix channel, as well as an effects return control on each of the six channels. Both the Mackie HM54 and HM56 will be will be available in early 2005.

Mackie Control C4 Plug-In and Virtual Instrument Controller

The Mackie Control C4 is a plug-in and virtual instrument controller that provides four banks of eight V-Pots each, and four full-size displays that provide access to as many as 32 software parameters.

The C4’s chassis layout features multiple displays and corresponding knobs for simultaneous access of up to 32 parameters of a given software module. The Mackie Control C4 also acts as a “quick fix” tool for fader and pan settings across 32 channels, and can be used independently or in concert with Mackie Control Universal, Logic Control, as well as Mackie Control Universal and Logic Control Extenders.

At press time, Mackie Control C4 is fully supported by Logic Pro 7, with other software support to be announced. The Mackie Control C4 is shipping now to authorized U.S. dealers and carries an MSRP of $1,299.00 USD.

Onyx 80 Series Live Sound Mixers

The Mackie Onyx 80 Series features all-new analog circuitry, a full compliment of Mackie’s Onyx microphone preamps, and the four-band Perkins EQ.

The Onyx 80 Series consoles are offered in four sizes: the 24-channel Onyx 2480, 32-channel Onyx 3280, 40-channel Onyx 4080, and 48-channel Onyx 4880. All four models feature eight Aux Sends with Stereo Link function; an Aux/Group Flip function; an 10×2 Matrix; four Mute Groups; eight stereo Aux inputs; and an optional rack-mountable redundant power supply. The master section and channel strip configuration are the same across the line; the mixers differ only by channel count and footprint.

The Onyx 80 Series will begin shipping to authorized dealers in mid-2005.

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