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Marantz Launches PMD660 Hand-held Field Recorder

D&M Professional has introduced the Marantz hand-held PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder.

D&M Professional has introduced the Marantz hand-held PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder.

The PMD660 is a solid-state recorder with easy one-touch digital recording to Compact Flash media cards. Uncompressed .WAV files can be recorded at 44.1 or 48 kHz, and high quality MP3 files can be recorded in mono (at 64 kbps) or in stereo (at 128 kbps). Using a standard 1 GB Compact Flash card, the PMD660 can record over 1 hour stereo and three hours mono of uncompressed audio, over 17 hours of stereo MP3 and almost 36 hours of monaural MP3 audio. Designed for the most demanding field applications, the PMD660 features two built-in stereo condenser mics with Automatic Level Control (ALC), 2 XLR microphone connections with 48-volt phantom power, stereo line I/O and can operate for up to four hours on four standard AA batteries.

Included in the firmware are two editing modes. Copy Segment editing uses non-destructive, cut-and-paste-style editing to create a new sound file, which can be up/downloaded via the built-in USB port. With Marantz Professional’s exclusive Virtual Track Mode, the user can create an internal edit list enabling nonlinear playback of file segments, without using card memory to create a new file. Up to 99 virtual tracks can be created to compare edits, set up multiple sound bites or provide interview segments of differing durations. A revolutionary optional RC600 wired remote control that attaches to any microphone is available to supply Record/Pause control, track marking and peak metering from the microphone position.

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