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Merging Technologies Debuts Venue Mission Software for Anubis

The new software brings the company’s Anubis audio interface into the live sound realm, making it useful for personal monitor mixes and more.

Merging Technologies Debuts Venue Mission Software for Anubis

Puidoux, Switzerland (September 29, 2023)—Merging Technologies has introduced Venue Mission—new software for the company’s Anubis audio interface that allows live musicians to use an Anubis as a personal IEM mixer, or for the unit’s inputs can be shared on a network for remote control and monitoring by a FOH mixer or recording engineer.

Venue Mission centers around a full 16-channel mixer that provides control across four monitors. Mission supports up to 16 mono or stereo inputs, accommodating any sampling rate and enabling users to work with local analog inputs or incoming AoIP streams. The ability to show or hide mixer inputs on each monitor, delay inputs from 1.4 ms to 20 ms and customize or color-code input names provide an added layer of control. Venue Mission is compatible with AES67.

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Merging envisions Venue Mission being used for orchestral live performances, band monitor setups, smaller bands without monitor engineers, orchestral studio recordings and speaking booths/ADR studios. The software was recently used during the Louis Vuitton Show at Paris Fashion Week, the recent French tour of the Queen Symphonic and Johnny Symphonique.

Anubis itself is a compact AD/DA interface that includes the company’s new 32-bit, dual PreAmp topology, headphone amps, a low-latency mixing engine and more.