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Microtech Gefell Announces New Managing Director

New Microtech Gefell managing director, Matthias Domke

German microphone manufacturer Microtech Gefell announces that longtime managing directors Jochem Kuhnast and Christian Drechsler have passed their day-to-day managerial functions at the company to new managing director Matthias Domke (pictured). Kuhnast and Drechsler will remain on at Microtech Gefell in advisory roles, continuing to add their engineering and manufacturing expertise as the company moves forward.

After his first professional activities in studios and live sound systems, Domke studied electrical engineering and electro-acoustics at Fachhochschule Merseburg. After graduation, Domke founded an engineering firm in 2000, specializing in electrical and acoustical projects and the creation of audio products. Over the years, Domke developed a close association with Microtech Gefell and reportedly was a natural choice for the managing director position. Domke is also a technical committee member of DEGA, the German electro-acoustics society, and has lectured extensively on electro-acoustics and AV technology.

German-based Microtech Gefell makes an extensive line of professional microphones for studio recording, broadcast, live sound and acoustical measurement applications.

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