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NAMM: Novation ReMOTE 25 SL

Novation has launched the ReMOTE 25 SL keyboard controller and two new, larger SL keyboards. The SL line—25-key, 37-key (3-octave) and 61-key (5-octave) controllers—offers the company’s Automap technology, which integrates seamlessly with the user’s favorite software automatically. The technology detects the software used in a virtual studio and “automaps” that software’s functions and controls to the keyboard’s front panel knobs and sliders. Other features include a logical layout, numerous knobs/sliders/pads and a progressive design.

The ReMOTE 25 SL also features two massive, brightly lit LCDs, which can show 16 different parameter names and values to match with the fascia controls. Also, SL keyboards feature Novation’s Xpression Pad 4-point parameter controller and Xpression Stick for maximum performance options.

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