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Neutrik Supplies Cable Connectors to PodSqod

Neutrik recently provided an assortment of its XX Series and EMC-XLRs to PodSqod Studios, based in Orlando, Fla., which produces a podcast dedicated to demonstrating real-world broadcasting techniques, including software and hardware equipment demos as they apply to podcasting.

“Increasingly, I was running into minor problems during the [Morning Edition] show with hum and noise,” says PodSqod founder Mark Jensen. “I needed something that would eliminate the EMI and RFI [interference] issues I was facing. I knew the issues were interconnect related, so I immediately contacted Neutrik. I can now say that 100-percent of my analog studio interconnects are Neutrik and the problems are gone. From past engineering experience I know just how important quality connectors are to the signal path.”

PodSqod’s Studio 1A is treated with Auralex AudioTile sound reinforcement and includes Aphex 230 valve vocal strips and 2020MkIII FM broadcast processor, a Yamaha MG16/6 mixer, Dorrough loudness meters, a Symetrix AirTools 6200 2-channel voice strip, and two Dell XPS600 PCs with hardware RAID and touch-screen displays. A Tascam DV-RA1000, Marantz PMD-560 and Alesis Masterlink are used for mastering, along with a Telos One digital hybrid for telephone interviews. PodSqod also has a Pro Tools based post-production studio that includes a PreSonus Eureka channel strip and a dual-processor Mac G5.

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