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GC Audio Analog Riser Mastering Processor Debuts

GC Audio has introduced its new Analog Riser, a mastering and mixing device.

GC Audio Analog Riser Mastering Processor
GC Audio Analog Riser Mastering Processor.

Domérat, France (August 17, 2023)—GC Audio has introduced its new Analog Riser, a mastering and mixing device which aids the enabling of sharp and unique dynamics and harmonics processing. The Analog Riser comes in two versions—a standard version with compressor ratio, limiter threshold and stepped release, and a Mastering version that is fully stepped.

The Analog Riser is a fully analog design built around five tubes, four VCAs, four Lundhal transformers, 100 low-noise operational amplifiers, Grayhill switches, IP knobs and more. Roughly 40 relays ensure a routing as close as possible to the motherboard.

The Analog Riser has 3 operation modes—Dual Mono, Stereo and M/S (Middle/Side) Modes. Dual Mono is the default mode that greets users when they turn on the Analog Riser. A completely independent two-channel analog processor, Dual Mono mode can be used to simultaneously process two separate tracks in a mix.

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Meanwhile, Stereo Mode is dedicated to the compression of stereo busses, and when it’s in use, all the control knobs are linked to obtain a reportedly precise and identical adjustment between the Left and the Right channels. An “Active Zone Area” LED allows users to define the zones whose potentiometers are functional.

The M/S (Middle/Side) mode is dedicated to mastering, working as a tool that allows a different dynamic treatment between what is mixed in the middle and what is mixed on the sides. The M/S encoder/decoder of the Analog Riser is built around dedicated differential amplifiers with a laser-engraved calibration, aiding the precise processing of a signal. The M/S Mode is completely analog, eschewing A/D-D/A conversion, and allows users to make new settings.

In-depth technical specs are available on the GC Audio website. The unit sells for  €6,960 or roughly $7,560 US.