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Neutrik Updates silentPLUG with New XX Series Edition

Neutrik’s silentPLUG has received an update with the introduction of its third-generation NP2XX-SILENT straight plugs.

Neutrik silentPLUG NP2XX-SILENT straight plug
Neutrik silentPLUG NP2XX-SILENT straight plug

Charlotte, NC (March 28, 2023)—Neutrik’s silentPLUG has received an update with the introduction of its third-generation NP2XX-SILENT straight plugs.

As might be gathered from the name, a silentPLUG lets users plug and unplug an instrument into an amplifier, interface or other audio gear without causing pops, crackles and more in the process. The new NP2XX-SILENT straight plug features a refreshed design intended to make it easier to handle and be better protected against impacts. The housing offers an upgraded design, which is shock-resistant and slip-proof, featuring soft grip zones in its two-component housing.

silentPLUG operates via a spring-loaded, retracting ring on the plug finger that connects to an internal reed switch. When the ring is in its forward position, with no instrument plugged in, the reed switch shorts the tip and sleeve contacts. In this mode, no signal passes, therefore avoiding the pops, hum, squeals, and other noises typically associated with plugging an instrument into an amplifier input. Once the plug is nearly completely inserted into the instrument’s jack, the ring begins to retract, becoming fully retracted as the plug seats into the jack. At that point, the reed switch unshorts the tip and sleeve contacts, allowing signal to pass normally.

Neutrik Launches XX Series Cable Connectors

A silentPLUG assembles onto a cable the same as any other Neutrik plug—prepare the cable and then solder the center conductor and shield contacts.

The two-compound housing of the new XX series silentPLUG inherits the design language and technology of the XX series speakON 2- and 4-pole and powerCON blue/grey cable connectors. The new black-and-red color scheme continues the tradition of using red as a distinctive silentPLUG identifier while bringing the design forward into the 2020s.

NP2XX-SILENT is available for ordering now. The prior generation straight plug with the red rubber cover will be discontinued.