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PK Sound Unveils Tx Series Point-Source Modules

PK Sound has announced its upcoming Tx Series—point-source modules intended to complement the company's line of robotic line arrays.

PK Sound Tx Series Point-Source Modules
PK Sound Tx Series Point-Source Modules.

Calgary, Canada (July 2, 2024)—Loudspeaker manufacturer PK Sound and ACT Entertainment, its North American distributor, have announced the upcoming Tx Series—point-source modules intended to complement PK’s line of robotic line arrays. The new performance installation series is expected to ship in late Q4, 2024.

The Milan-ready Tx Series point-source modules introduce a complete system offering sporting control and optimization via PK .dynamics software. The new offering includes the Tx26, which features controlled 100-degree conical directivity with a reported frequency response of 55 Hz-18 kHz and 133 dB peak SPL. Its pair of vented 6-inch Tetracoil transducers with custom phase plugs manage low-frequency response while a 1” HT polymer diaphragm compression driver handles high frequencies.

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The larger Tx14 offers controlled 50-degree by 70-degree directivity with a frequency response said to span 50 Hz-18 Hz and 138.5 dB max SPL, driven from a premium 14-inch coaxial transducer with a 3-inch neodymium diaphragm compression driver. As a floor monitor, the Tx14 has a natural inclination of 35 degrees, which can be extended to 55 degrees via the onboard uptilt stands.

Featuring PK Sound’s patented multi-axis robotics, T8’s reported output, with peak SPLs reaching 143.5 dB, is said to be controlled down to 400 Hz in both the vertical and horizontal planes. PK Sound’s two-channel VE15 1,400 W Class D amplifier handles power for each Tx module. Onboard DSP and audio-video bridging (AVB) network end points are routed through the world’s first implementation of Neutrik’s DR Series of IP65-rated connectors.