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UnderTone Audio GB Tracker and Satellite Debut

UnderTone Audio is launching two new products -- the GB Tracker, a DI/reamp device, and Satellite, which breaks out the reamper on its own.

UnderTone Audio GB Tracker (left) and Satellite.

Los Angeles, CA (February 1, 2022)—UnderTone Audio is launching two new products, starting with the GB Tracker—a combination instrument DI and re-amplifying device, making it an all-in-one solution for capturing a line level DI signal and reamping it. The other product—The Satellite—essentially puts the re-amplifying half of the GB Tracker in its own box.

The GB Tracker’s design features detent’d gain-matching input and output level controls that allow users to maintain a precise unity gain through the DI to reamplification path. The unit is matched to many of the most commonly used impedances on popular guitars, basses and amps, in an effort to make it sonically transparent, aiming to ensure a guitar or bass going through the GB-Tracker will sound the same as plugging directly into a favorite amp.

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Meanwhile, the re-amping Satellite allows users to send the DI’d signal to an amp in another room or daisy chain the signal to multiple amps. The ground and phase switches allow them to isolate the grounding and reverse the phase on each individual amp.

Incorporated into a modern-day recording workflow, users can record with a clean DI signal via the GB Tracker, edit the results and then afterwards perfect the tone by reamplifying the captured/edited performance.

The GB Tracker is available with a MAP of $895.00 US, while the Satellite can be found with a MAP of $295.00 US.