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Neyrinck Announces Mix 51 RTAS Surround Plug-In

Neyrinck introduces the Mix 51 Surround Panning and Mixing RTAS plug-in ($189) for Digidesign Pro Tools LE/M-Powered systems. Mix 51 comprises a set of 5.1 surround panning and mixing tools for Pro Tools systems with six or more outputs, such as Mbox 2 Pro, Digi 002/003 or M-Audio interfaces such as the Delta 1010 or FireWire 410. Mix 51 is compatible with Pro Tools Version 7 and later on both Mac OS X and Windows XP systems.

An unlimited number of Mix 51 Surround Panner plug-ins can be inserted on mono or stereo tracks to pan and mix to the Mix 51 Surround Mixer plug-in buses. Each panner can mix to one 5.1 bus and to one quad-effect send bus. Each panner has its own volume, mute, solo, and send controls so you can create a professional, automated mix using Pro Tools plug-in automation. The panner features X and Y position controls, a center-percentage control, divergence controls and LFE level control. Each panner also features a quad-channel effect send that follows the main panning control for setting up surround reverb and effects panning.

The Mix 51 Surround Mixer plug-in provides three independent 5.1 buses for managing submixes such as dialog, music and effects. It also provides three independent quad-effect send buses for setting up surround reverb and effects. Each bus features fully automatable volume, mute and solo controls for flexible monitoring and mixing.

Mix 51 also provides three quad-channel effect send buses to set up surround reverb and delay effects using stereo Pro Tools plug-ins in pairs. The Mix 51 send buses appear as inputs on aux tracks organized as stereo front and rear pairs, allowing you to mix them into your final outputs.

A fully functional 14-day trial demo can be downloaded from Neyrinck’s Website.

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