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M-Audio SP-5B

There was a time when, even in recent memory, someone who was shopping for a good pair of bi-amplified studio monitors needed more than...


Sound Devices 442

A review of a new field mixer might appear, at first glance, to be of limited interest to Mix readers. Even though the dialog...


SPL Kultube

New equipment from Sound Performance Lab is always worth checking out, as the company always offers unique approaches to complex audio processing with


Schoeps DSP-4P

The Schoeps DSP-4P ($3,850) is described by the company as a digital microphone processor for the PolarFlex system. What does the PolarFlex system do,


AlterMedia Studio Suite 5

When Mix magazine called to ask if I'd like to test-drive AlterMedia's Studio Suite Version 5 studio-management software, I jumped at the chance. For

New Products


SAMS TEACH YOURSELF ACID 3.0 IN 24 HOURS by Gary Rebholz and Michael Bryant Written by Sonic Foundry experts, Teach Yourself ACID 3.0 in...

New Products

Aphex Model 207

Aphex has a decades' long legacy in developing industry-standard dynamics controllers for critical recording, broadcast and mastering applications. And,


Alesis ADAT HD24

It's been almost two years since the first modular, 24-bit/24-track hard disk recorders were introduced to the pro audio world. The Alesis ADAT HD24...


Royer R-122

Until now, fans of ribbon mics have had to put up with the historic drawbacks of such transducer designs, including low-output level (usually requiring


Mackie HR624/HRS120

It's no secret that near-field monitoring has its limitations. Creating an accurate listening environment in less-than-ideal surroundings can be a maddening

New Products


Kangaroo Covers offers a line of custom-made amplifier covers featuring exterior pockets, double-stitched inside seams and leather logo. Made with 1,050-denier

New Products


TRUE SYSTEMS P2 STEREO MIC PRE TRUE Systems offers the P2 Analog 2-channel microphone preamplifier, a hybrid, totally balanced, dual-servo, high-voltage


DPA Microphones 3532-T

The DPA Microphones 3532-T stereo microphone kit is a great introduction to recording with spaced-pair, omnidirectional microphones. Packaged in a spill-proof,


Eventide Eclipse

The Eventide Eclipse is the company's first single-rackspace effects processor, a must-have for those who need to fit Harmonizer processing into a crowded


BLUE Baby Bottle

Every microphone created by Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE) is a work of art, visually as well as sonically, so it's hardly surprising that


AKG C-451 B

Although the mic was designed as an homage to its famed ancestry, I'm glad AKG chose not to call the new C-451 B a...


Audix SCX-25

In a market awash with lowball Neumann wannabe lookalikes, the Audix SCX-25 is a refreshing sight and looks like no mic I've ever seen....

Daw -Recorders

Steinberg WaveLab

WaveLab has been with us for quite some time and has evolved into quite a powerful and popular digital editing and mastering software package....

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