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Native Instruments Vokator

Virtual Vocoder/Processor/Synth/Sampler Today, improved technology has resulted in much more powerful vocoders than their disco/new wave-era counterparts ever hoped to be.


Audio-Technica AT3060

The AT3060 tube condenser microphone is a new addition to Audio-Technica's 30 Series but with a twist: Its onboard tube electronics are 48-volt, phantom-powered...


PSPaudioware VintageWarmer

PSPaudioware's VintageWarmer plug-in delivers creamy-sounding dynamics processing in two flavors: via its wideband compression (with shelving pre-equalization) and multiband compression modes (the latter followed...


Cakewalk Project5

Project5 is the new synth/sampler/drum machine-in-a-virtual-rack application from Cakewalk. This is not a new idea, but Project5 is different from many of its predecessors...

New Products


DVD authoring systems are more ubiquitous with improved price/performance ratios, from Sonic Solutions' $79 consumer apps to full-featured professional

New Products

AES Amsterdam

From March 22-25, 2003, the Audio Engineering Society returned to Amsterdam — everybody's favorite city — for its 114th convention.


Solid State Logic C100

Designed for fast-paced, on-air work and live-to-tape studio production, the new-generation SSL C100 is a scalable, small-footprint digital console that takes an innovative approach...

Daw -Recorders

Digidesign 002

Digidesign's latest DAW is an integrated recording-to-master control surface and 24-bit/96kHz audio and MIDI interface/software production package. Add a pair of monitors and something...


Tascam DS-M7.1

Before the 1980s, there was very little cross-pollination between the monitor features of music recording and film re-recording consoles. The former assumed



INS AND OUTS Unlike many systems that provide only a digital interface (which may also be proprietary), Soundscape-32 includes basic analog I/O stereo-in

Daw -Recorders

BIAS Peak 3.0

With the economy fluctuating, software companies folding and products disappearing this constant flux of life we're all caught up in it's nice to feel


Chandler Limited TG1

With its style and sound, the Chandler Limited TG1 seems to be from another age plucked from a time capsule. This stereo limiter/compressor is...


PrismSound dScope Series III

Perhaps better known for its Dream Series of no-compromise A/D and D/A converters and Maselec high-performance analog processors, PrismSound started developing

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