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Penteo Surround Introduces PostPro Conversion Units, Opens New Offices

Penteo PostPro Desktop

Penteo Surround introduces the Penteo PostPro Desktop and Rackmount units, which it will demonstrate at the NAB 2010 show in Las Vegas. Penteo creates 5.1 audio by “panorama slicing” the stereo mix into its original left-to-right components, and then re-maps those components into their respective positions in a 5.1 field.

Penteo states that its proprietary process does not alter any phase components or levels. “Our surround masters downmix back to stereo with absolutely no sonic artifacts,” says Penteo founder John Wheeler. “Our approach absolutely respects the vision of the original mixing engineers.”

While the Penteo PostPro Desktop unit features silent operation for work in quiet mix environments, the Penteo PostPro Rackmount unit is designed for permanent installation in a machine room for post-production or broadcast. Both units share the same operational functions and the same base price, with analog, digital, or both analog and digital input/output available as options.

Penteo PostPro Rackmount

Penteo Surround has also opened new offices in Los Angeles, New York City and London. The contacts for each location are:

Penteo Los Angeles
Sasha Owen, Penteo COO; 408/242-2436; [email protected]

Tamara Johnson, Sales Rep, Director, Industry Relations, Smart Post Sound; 626/590-1114; [email protected]

Rick Sanchez, Sales Rep, Post Haste Media; 818/232-7556; [email protected]

Penteo New York City
Ken Hahn, Sales Rep, SyncSound, Inc.; 212/246-5580; [email protected]

Penteo London
Tom Allom, PenteoSurround UK; 011-44-7710-331156; [email protected]

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