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PreSonus Announces Studio One Version 1.5

PreSonus in Baton Rouge, La., announces Version 1.5 of its Studio One DAW software. PreSonus expects to ship V. 1.5 in April 2010 and will offer it as a free update to registered users. Key additions include support for video playback and sync for composing to picture; major enhancements to the Browser’s drag-and-drop capabilities; the ability to draw automation waveforms; automation points that are locked to events; a new key-command editor; changing tempos within a event without slicing the event into separate events; and support for song and album art.

A built-in SoundCloud client enables users to upload audio files from Studio One directly to the Web. MIDI features now include a new MIDI file player in the Browser. PreSonus states that it has enhanced the Native Effects plug-ins and added new ones.

As part of Studio One’s new video features, users can now import any QuickTime video into a Song for playback and sync, with adjustable video playback size and time offset. Simply drag-and-drop the video from the Browser into the arrangement to import it and, optionally, simultaneously extract the audio from the video and place it on a new audio track. A new Follow Edit Position helps sync to specific video frames by adjusting the playback-cursor position based on the current edit position.

Browser drag-and-drop functionality now includes the ability to drag an audio event to a location in the File Browser to instantly export a new audio file to that location. Users can also drag an Instrument Part to the File Browser to export a MIDI clip to a specific location on his or her drive; drag any insert effect or virtual instrument from the Device Rack to the Effects or Instruments Browser to store a preset for the effect or instrument; or alternatively, drag to the File Browser to export the preset to a specific location on the user’s drive.

Users can now draw automation waveforms, and automation points are locked to selected events, so automation moves with the related events. A transform function lets users scale, stretch, and otherwise modify automation envelopes. An Undo history enables viewing and undoing all edits done since the file was opened, even if the user has saved since then. A pitch-name editor is available in the drum layout, and users can save and load names from a pitch-name list.

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