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Product of the Week: Alcons Audio LR18B line array bass

Designed to provide low-frequency extension to the company’s LR18 mid-sized line arrays, Alcons Audio’s LR18B is a front-loaded subwoofer that can be deployed as a single unit or in multiples, stacked or flown. The LR18B’s 18-inch transducer features a dual 4.5-inch voice coil with a neodymium magnet structure, enabling high SPL capabilities along with high sensitivity. Alcons’ proprietary Max-Vent™ port reduces power compression while increasing output.

A versatile rigging system enables the LR18B to be stacked or flown along with LR18s or separately, in straight or curved arrangements with front or rear splaying. LR18Bs can be configured in cardioid or end-fire arrays, and an NL4 connector on the front panel facilitates patching when LR18Bs are combined in a cardioid array. The Alcons Ribbon Calculator, Alcons’ 3D simulation program, can be used to simulate and predict behavior of array configurations

For optimal performance, reliability and flexibility, Alcons recommends driving the LR18B with the company’s ALC Series Sentinel3 or Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controller —the combination of which can deliver SPLs upward of 130 dB. When used in conjunction with an ALC, Alcons’ Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between amp and speaker, increasing accuracy while minimizing linear and non-linear distortions regardless of cable length and system impedance.

The LR18B may be combined with any other Alcons pro-ribbon system for permanent or portable applications and features an integrated stand mount adapter.

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