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Product of the Week: Avid VENUE 7 Software

Users can now share I/O between three Avid VENUE | S6L consoles, allowing for the addition of a broadcast desk or second monitor desk to an existing system, or to facilitate changeover during festivals.

Recently, Avid unveiled its next generation of VENUE software, VENUE 7. The update introduces new features and enhancements for all mixing systems in the Avid VENUE | S6L family.

One of the highlights of VENUE 7 is the ability to share I/O between three Avid VENUE | S6L consoles. I/O sharing allows addition of a broadcast desk or second monitor desk to an existing system, or can facilitate changeover between consoles during festival applications.

Microphone signals can be digitally split over the network, so a system can be built using a single set of I/O racks, which reduces cost and complexity without negatively impacting sound quality. All I/O configurations support Avid True Gain technology for automatic gain compensation, ensuring that proper signal levels are maintained for each engineer.

Using a USB flash drive connected to the S6L control surface, VENUE 7 provides onboard 2-track USB recording of 24-bit/96 kHz WAV files and supports playback at any sample rate.

File playback may be initiated via onscreen transport control, snapshot recall, or almost any console event such as a fader or switch move. USB playback can be patched into any channel or assigned directly into a matrix, and files can be previewed via the solo bus.

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Files may be organized into playlists for single- or multiple-file playback, one-shot or repeat. USB recordings may be sourced from any output (including the solo bus), and console function keys can be assigned for record or playback.

Avid simultaneously announced the availability of the MLN-192 Milan expansion card for the S6L, which supports AVB (Audio Video Bridging) streaming between the S6L and any Milan-compatible device, or between S6Ls through AVB-certified switches.

VENUE 7 furnishes two advanced tools for signal alignment. Bus and matrix alignment are managed using Automatic Delay Compensation, and the new Input Delay Alignment can be used to align selected input channels to compensate for plug-in processing delays. This ensures that inputs employing different digital pathways exit a mix bus at the same time, thus maintaining phase coherence.

Processing available in VENUE 7 includes bus-to-bus routing, an increased number of plug-in slots (400, across all S6L systems), mix-minus via matrix, and post-fader inserts. The post-fader inserts are available for all input channels, as well as all group, aux, matrix and main outputs. EQ may be switched to pre-fader, and HEAT processing is available on all inputs.

One of the coolest processing enhancements added with VENUE 7 is a mix percentage control for the compressor, gate and EQ on the input channels—which permits the percentage of each process to be varied from 0% to 100% for parallel processing without need for additional signal routing. This function is also available for the EQ and compressor on all outputs, including the master mix bus.

Third-octave EQ, highpass and lowpass filters, and 8-band fully parametric EQ are now provided for every console output (aux, matrix, group, L/C/R), regardless of system size.

A “Big Meters” option enables viewing of a high-res meter for any input or output simply by swiping down on the console strip touchscreen. VENUE 7 also incorporates an in-console system guide.

The Avid VENUE 7 update is available now for all customers on an active support contract. More info here.