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Product of the Week: Clair Brothers C10-TrueFit Line Array Loudspeaker

The latest addition to the C-Series Loudspeakers line, the C10-TrueFit from Clair Brothers, is a mid-sized, passive line array element featuring a custom horizontal waveguide that is designed-to-order. The C10-TrueFit employs dual 10-inch drivers and Clair’s TrueFit Technology to optimize the array for a specific venue, reducing the amount of energy wasted on spill toward walls and extending the stereo image across a larger audience area. The reduction in lateral reflections produces a focused sound with higher levels of intelligibility.

A TrueFit array is developed for a venue by inputting venue-specific parameters into proprietary Clair Brothers software, the result of which is the creation of a smoothly formed waveguide with continuously variable geometry. The finished waveguides are CNC-milled in-house from Baltic Birch wood. System tuning is said to be faster and easier because the acoustic problem of geometric divergence shading is already addressed through TrueFit.

The C10 can also be ordered with a variety of factory horizontal waveguide patterns. The standard C10 factory waveguide pattern is 100 degrees horizontal x 15 degrees vertical, but a range of horizontal waveguides between 70 and 120 degrees are also available.

TrueFit Technology is also available in the Clair Brothers C8-TrueFit (double 8-inch) and C12-TrueFit (double 12-inch) line array speakers. As with the C12- and C8-TrueFit models, the C10-TrueFit features new transducer technology that significantly reduces weight and amplifier channel requirements.

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