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Product of the Week: EAW NTX Series Line Array, SBX Sub

New high-output line array and subwoofer series designed for simple, secure, optimal setup and guided configuration to fit any venue coverage needs.

Intended for use in a variety of applications, such as performing arts centers, theaters, medium-to- large outdoor festivals, corporate events and houses of worship, the NTX Series Line Array and SBX Series High Output Subwoofer System from EAW combine to form a high-performance audio system designed to produce optimal results while reducing setup time and tuning procedures.

The NTX210L is an active, biamped (1,600 watts total) articulated array with dual 10-inch LF drivers and a single 1.4-inch exit HF driver mounted to EAW’s patented Isophasic Waveguide. The waveguide converts the output of the HF driver to a time-aligned line source at the output of the horn, enabling seamless combination of multiple array modules.

Capable of 140 dB maximum SPL, the NTX210L operates over a frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz, producing a nominal dispersion pattern of 90 x 12 degrees (H x V). Each 10-inch driver employs a 2.5-inch voice coil, while the HF driver utilizes a 3-inch voice coil.

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The NTX210L incorporates EAW’s patented OptiLogic technology to facilitate system configuration and tuning. Each NTX210L has infrared transceivers built into the top and bottom of the cabinet. When the speakers are powered on, each cabinet is recognized, along with its position in the array.

OptiLogic then automatically processes the array as a whole, compensating LF response based on the size of the array, as well as shading the HF response of the modules for long and short throw. This information may be loaded into Resolution 2 software, where it can be used to model the venue and determine the angles required for optimal coverage.

EAW SBX118 Subwoofer

Complementing the NTX210L are SBX Series High Output Subwoofers, including the SBX218 (5,000 watts) and SBX118 (2,500 watts) active subs.

Both models use 18-inch neodymium drivers with 4-inch voice coils and operate across a frequency range of 25 to 120 Hz; maximum SPL for the SBX118 is spec’d as 135 dB, the SBX218 at 141 dB. These high-output systems can be used for production or installation purposes, and have integrated runners on the top and sides that lock the cabinets together to resist movement due to vibration.

SBX Series Subwoofers are mechanically designed to support the NTX210L Line Array, as well as EAW’s Anna ADAPTive and RSX Series lines. When used in a ground-stack configuration, support of NTX cabinets is accomplished using two sets of flybar locating pins, providing safe operation at any splay angle.

As with the NTX210L, the SBX118 and SBX218 accept analog input via rear-panel XLR (with a loop-through for connection to additional NTX or SBX cabinets), and digital input via Dante. Audio input can be set to switch automatically from the Dante input to the analog input in case the Dante signal is lost. AC mains connection is via Neutrik Powercon True 1TOP (True Outdoor Protection).

Additional features of SBX Series subwoofers includes cable chases for wire concealment, multiple tie-down points for secure stacking, and a universal power supply for reliable operation from any mains source ranging from 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz.

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