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Product of the Week: Hit’n’Mix RipX: DeepAudio

Audio separation and processing tool 'Rips' audio into layers that isolate elements such as drums, bass, voice or percussion, then adds level control, pans, transposition, reverb, harmonic editing, cloning and more.

Hit’n’Mix recently released RipX: DeepAudio, a significant update and re-christening of its Infinity audio separation and processing software. The developer says that DeepAudio is one module in its new RipX “Future Audio Platform,” which includes RipX: DeepRemix a less-expensive version that contains a subset of DeepAudio’s features.

According to Hit’n’Mix, the new versions offer “dramatically improved audio separation” algorithms developed with AI machine learning. As with Infinity, you open an audio file into the editor, and the software immediately begins its Rip (separation) process.

The Rip separates the audio into layers that isolate elements such as drums, bass, voice, percussion and more. You then can adjust the levels and pan for each layer or apply any of a vast array of processes, from transposition, reverb, and harmonic editing to cloning and many others.

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Perhaps more importantly, the company improved the user-interface to give the new software a more efficient workflow compared to Infinity.

Some of the other new features include:

  • A new pitch-correction algorithm called Pitch to Scale.
  • Up to 10x faster Ripping speeds, with improved instrument recognition.
  • Import/export options for the individual layers. Now you can easily export stems for Vocals, Bass, Drums and other categories in WAV format and the Stems file format from Native Instruments.
  • Real-time editing and effects during looped playback, with new effects like Reverse, High/Low Pass Filters, Delay and Randomize.
  • RipLink plug-ins for Pro Tools and VST3/ARA DAWs that allow you to transfer audio to and from DeepAudio.
  • The Harmonic Editor (formerly the Note Editor), which offers improved features.

Infinity owners will be pleased to discover that RipX: DeepAudio, which lists for $349 and is on sale for $244 until May 31, is a free upgrade. The price of RipX: DeepRemix is $99, with a sale price of $69 until May 31.

If you want to try before you buy, Hit’n’Mix offers a 30-day free trial of both DeepAudio and DeepRemix.