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SAE Institute Announces New Campus in Oxford, England

SAE Institute has announced plans for its new Oxford, England global headquarters campus and European Degree Center. Oxford is an international hub of higher education located one hour outside of London, and home to one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

The SAE campus is scheduled to open its doors to students in October 2008, and will offer government-accredited certificate, diploma and degree qualifications as accelerated degree programs: diploma in audio engineering, bachelor’s degree in recording arts, bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, master’s degree in creative media practice, the SAE Tonmeister® master’s degree, bachelor’s degree in interactive animation and bachelor’s degree in games programming.

All degrees are issued in partnership with Middlesex University, London, and/or SAE’s International Graduate College/Qantm Degree Granting College. Students from any SAE Institute around the world will have the opportunity to transfer to SAE Oxford for their second year of studies, or complete the entire program of their choice at SAE’s European Degree Center. Students from other schools or colleges may qualify for acceptance into an offered program by completing an entrance examination. Only SAE Oxford offers the exclusive SAE Tonmeister® (master’s degree) audio engineering and music production program, the highest academic qualification in the audio industry.

SAE Oxford is situated on a 5.5-acre (239,580-square-foot) campus, dominated by a 90,000-square-foot mansion building and a new administration/accommodation building of some 38,000 square feet. In addition, another set of facilities measuring 102,000 square feet will soon be added.

The Degree Center’s sound studios will be fitted with industry-standard mixing consoles and controllers by renowned manufacturers, such as Neve, SSL and Digidesign, and will include a full range of the finest equipment found in top studios around world. SAE Oxford will also offer state-of-the-art computer facilities and an extensive specialized library and classical recording studio, complete with a Steinway grand piano. As part of SAE’s educational concept, students can book their practice time in the studios and labs on an individual basis, assisted by the Degree Center’s qualified and professional staff.

SAE’s global alumni organization and career placement program is there to help launch international careers.

“I have chosen Oxford for its excellent infrastructure for our students and its location,” states SAE president, founder and CEO Dr. Tom Misner. “SAE Byron Bay will remain the regional office for Australia/Asia and is also being enlarged, whilst Oxford will take the role of global administration and research center for SAE.”

For more information, call 866/723-2983, email [email protected] or visit the Oxford Degree Center’s Website at