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Sennheiser Offers Web-Based Frequency Finder

Sennheiser announces the Frequency Finder, a customized live Web interface to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) television broadcast database. Free of charge, Sennheiser’s Frequency Finder enables users to quickly retrieve information on open radio frequency ranges based on a city or zip code search, and provides additional functionality and information especially customized for Sennheiser wireless system users.

The ever-decreasing availability of open radio spectrum means that it is more important than ever to thoroughly plan and organize the deployment of wireless systems. Sennheiser’s Frequency Finder is said to be the only Website through which users can search FCC data without entering specific coordinates, making it easier to find the information they need. According to Sennheiser, engineers for such high-profile acts as the Dave Matthews Band, Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart and The Police tested the beta version of this new tool and were pleased with the results.

Sennheiser’s Frequency Finder promises to simplify the process of finding usable frequencies for use with wireless microphones to avoid interference with direct, up-to-the-minute access to FCC data and visual “feedback” of transmitter locations. Entering a city or zip code into the search field will present a list of available frequencies displayed in a clear and simple manner. Selectable attenuation values allow engineers to compensate for different areas, such as outdoor, indoor or mixed environments. A device selector displays Sennheiser wireless system ranges.

The Frequency Finder is at