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SLS Loudspeakers Support IAJE Conference

SLS Loudspeakers is providing audio support for the International Association for Jazz Education’s (IAJE) 34th annual conference, which begins today and runs through January 13 at the Hilton and Sheraton New York Hotels. This year’s four-day show will be outfitted with 52 RLA/2s and 48 RLA/3s from SLS’ Ribbon Line Array Series, approximately 10 FF2605 frontfill speakers and several LSB8115 subwoofers.

IAJE is increasing its SLS system from four rooms in 2006 to at least six venues for 2007, including performance and interactive jazz discussion rooms. An estimated 8,000 educators, musicians, industry executives, media and students from 45 countries are slated to attend.

“With more than 200 of the world’s most respected professional jazz groups and musicians performing in two hotels, each housing different rooms of various size and acoustical composition, versatility and portability was key,” says Ian Hunt, vice president of Chicago Sound. “SLS’ small size and light weight provides much more flexibility for transporting and positioning compared to other products on the market. In addition, using SLS’ well controlled coverage patterns and ribbon tweeter technology enables us to achieve proper audio distribution.

“This annual global event attracts a discerning crowd of jazz enthusiasts who are highly in-tune to sound quality,” Hunt continues. “However, they are all attending venues that require musicians to perform in close proximity to the audience, posing a greater risk for unsavory audio feedback. SLS’ low distortion and high clarity capabilities work perfectly to adhere to the event’s intimate settings and to capture the vast acoustic instruments and largely diverse colors and textures associated with this genre of music.”

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