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Solid State Logic Announces AWS 924, AWS 948 Consoles

At the 129th AES Convention in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, November 4-7, 2010, in booth #902, Solid State Logic will present its newest AWS 900 Series analog consoles/DAW controllers, the 24-input AWS 924 and 48-input AWS 948 (prices TBA). The new consoles introduce new features including Dual Path Channels with Stereo EQ and Insert, 8-fader bay Digital Scribble Strips and Analogue Fader Accesses DAW Automation (A-FADA), in which motorized analog faders follow DAW automation data.


SSL states that the increase from 24 to 48 inputs on the AWS 948 is achieved via the introduction of a Dual Path Channel Strip design, where each channel has a single mic pre and two line level inputs, a new Stereo EQ and Stereo Insert. This new channel enables three different operating modes: Stereo Mix, In-Line Mix and In-Line Tracking. SSL states that the new Stereo EQ design on the AWS 948 is sonically similar to the SSL SuperAnalogue mono 4-band parametric Channel EQ but adds independent switching of HF/LF and midrange frequency bands between E and G Series tonal characteristics.

The new A-FADA mode enables the analog motorized faders to follow continuous DAW automation data. Further enhancements to both the 924 and 948 include a redesigned Meter Penthouse, which has a new phase meter and improved master metering, new LCD Digital Scribble Strips, updated cosmetic styling including new console legs, the addition of the TR Autoscan, Summing Bus Injects for the Cue and FX buses, and SD card based Multiple Project storage.

Find out more about Solid State Logic’s AWS 924 and AWS 948 consoles.