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Tascam Introduces 2488mkII Personal Digital Workstation

At the 2007 Winter NAMM show, Tascam rolled out the 2488mkII as the follow-up to its 2488 24-track recording and mixing workstation aimed at personal and project studios. Like its predecessor, the 2488mkII’s eight inputs offer the ability to record simultaneously into XLR and 1/4-inch inputs. Its 19 physical faders control the mixdown channels, and each channel has 3-band EQ and offers access to three built-in effects processors. The built-in CD-RW drive can record the master mix, back up the hard drive and be used to import WAV files.

The 2488mkII also adds an 80GB hard drive, improved guitar-overdrive effects, and the Slow-Speed Audition feature from Tascam’s line of CD Trainers for learning music. The unit also has a new LCD, new CD mastering features— including defining tracks in a live recording—and a faster CD burner.

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