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TC Group Joins AVnu Alliance

TC Group in Aarhus, Denmark—parent company of audio manufacturing brands TC Electronic, Tannoy, Lab.gruppen, Lake and TC Helicon—announces that it will become part of the AVnu Alliance, the industry forum dedicated to the establishment and promotion of the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) open network standard. As TC Group is a major player in key sectors of the pro audio market, the move adds specific market and technological expertise to the efforts in establishing AVB as the preferred Ethernet-based audio and video-networking environment for next generation products.

From left: TC Group CTO Morten Lave, AVnu Alliance Marketing Work Group Chairman Lee Minich, and TC Group CEO Anders Fauerskov

TC Group states that interoperability has long been one of its key considerations as it strives to align its diverse portfolio of audio products with the objective of offering the customer ease of integration and complete system compatibility. TC Group fully supports the move toward IEEE 802.1, stating that the establishment of AVB as the leading open standard will benefit customers, manufacturers and the industry as a whole by providing a level playing field for future product development while giving end users greater confidence in, and choice of, network-compatible devices.

TC Group CTO Morten Lave says, “It is very exciting to be a member of this exclusive group; we have always been supportive of open standards. AVB, combined with AVnu’s dedication to create a compliance program, is precisely what the industry needs at the moment.”

TC Group CEO Anders Fauerskov adds, “TC Group is driven by a pursuit to deliver fully flexible product solutions at the best possible value. As a consequence, open standards are the only way forward, and AVB is the logical answer for us. In joining the AVnu Alliance, we look forward to the opportunity to work together with the other alliance partners in driving the AVB standard forward.”

“We are very pleased to have TC Group join the ever-growing ranks of AVnu Alliance members committed to the proliferation of AVB technology,” states Lee Minich, Marketing Work Group chairman and president of Lab X Technologies. “This support by their strong brands of Tannoy, Lab.gruppen, and TC Electronic further illustrates the sentiment of the professional, touring, and commercial install segments’ towards adoption of Audio Video Bridging.”

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