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Toto Performs in Germany Using Alcons Line Array

Toto recently appeared in Bremerhafen, Germany while on its European tour promoting the group’s 18th album, Falling In Between. For this tour, the band comprised Bobby Kimball (vocals), Steve Lukather (lead guitar), Simon Philipps (drums), David Paich (keyboards/vocals), Greg Phillinganes (keyboards/vocals) and Leland Sklar (bass), replacing Mike Porcaro.

Technical director Herbert Heinze of Blue Sound Veranstaltungstechnik designed a sound system based on Alcons pro-ribbon line arrays. The system comprised 36 LR16s (main left/right), 12 LR16Bs (bass left/right) and 12 LR14s (underfill left/right), powered and controlled by 17 ALC units. Heinze also spec’d 16 double-18-inch subwoofers. A Dolby Lake processor handled overall system control.

“The Alcons pro-ribbon line array is a great system,” commented Toto engineer, Jon Ostrin. “I love it!”

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