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Van Damme Purple Patch PPE56 Patchbay Debuts

Following two years of development, Van Damme has introduced its new Purple Patch PPE56 2x48 bantam patchbay.

Van Damme Purple Patch PPE56 Patchbay
Van Damme Purple Patch PPE56 Patchbay

New York, NY (April 6, 2022)—Following two years of development, Van Damme has introduced its new Purple Patch PPE56 2×48 bantam patchbay. Created in conjunction with the pro-audio installation team at Langdale Technical Consulting in Landford, UK, the unit is both designed and manufactured in the UK and incorporates intended to cater to modern-day patching needs.

Housed in a steel chassis and including aircraft-grade aluminum construction, the PPE56 offers fully programmable normalling options, includiung full-normalling, half-normalling, parallel and no normalling settings, all of which are adjustable while the patch remains terminated.

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The unit also provides individual earthing selection for all patch points, allowing for phantom power and unbalanced signal pass through to be selected point by point. The patchbay’s individual 110 Ohm impedance jack modules are secured to the chassis behind a fully removable front panel, allowing access to all jack screws for future retightening while the bay remains fully in place.

Meanwhile, the front of the PPE56, users can purchase a laser-etched, full color, custom engraved front panel or possibly opt for a traditional ‘scribble strip’ design on the front panel. Elsewhere on the back, a half-dozen EDAC 56 rear connectors are used, configured to industry standard pin-outs.

According to Van Damme, Purple Patch is fully electronically tested, across all channels, across all EDACS and through the desks that they are being used with. The patchbay is available now through distributors with a MSRP of £1,773 (roughly $2,318 US).