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127th AES Convention Posts Awards Presentations

Audio Engineering Society Awards Committee Chair Wieslaw Woszczyk announces the recipients of awards to be presented on Friday, October 9, at the 127th AES Convention opening ceremonies in New York City’s Javits Center. “Our members hold historical and current events in equal esteem,” Woszczyk remarks. “The awards pay tribute to originators of past technological and creative accomplishments and to members who have devoted extraordinary time and energy to significant AES initiatives.”

Rudolph Van Gelder will accept the AES Board of Governors Fellowship Award

This year’s presentations exemplify the breadth of these achievements. Among the recipients of the Board of Governors Fellowship Awards is engineer Rudolph “Rudy” Van Gelder, recognized for five decades of exceptional recordings of such legendary jazz artists as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins.

“On the other end of the time line,” Woszczyk says, “is a Board of Governors Award to the AES Web Development Group. Team leader Nick Zacharov, Webmaster Steve Johnson, graphic designer Josh Tidsbury, and copywriters Peter Cook and Michael Fleming will be recognized for redesigning this integral component for maintaining the AES position as the forum for technical dialog within the international professional audio community.”

The AES Board of Governors Award will also be presented to: Jorge R. Urbano Calva, Co-Chair, 2008 Latin American Conference in Mexico City; Toru Kamekawa, Chair, 2005 Japan Regional Convention; Michael C. Kelly, Chair, 2009 35th International Audio for Games Conference; Francisco Miranda Kirchner, Co-Chair, 2008 Latin American Conference in Mexico City; Andres Mayo, Co-Chair, 2007 Latin American Conference in Buenos Aires; Juha Merimaa, Co-Chair, 2007 30th International Conference on Intelligent Audio Environments; Mercedes Onorato, Co-Chair, 2007 Latin American Conference in Buenos Aires; and Richard Sanders, Chair, 2008 33rd International Conference on Audio Forensics— Theory and Practice.

The Fellowship Award is presented to members who have rendered conspicuous service, and are recognized for making a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice. In addition to Rudolph Van Gelder, the 2009 Award is presented to Jean-Marc Jot, for invaluable contributions to the development of spatial sound processing, multichannel audio coding and artificial reverberation; Shawn Murphy, for outstanding contributions to the craft of recording and mixing of film music, and to the advancement of surround sound experience in cinema; Ray Rayburn, for contributions to the art and science of sound system design, digital signal processing, routing and electromagnetic compatibility; and Daniel Weiss, for valuable contributions to the advancement in engineering practice and applications in the fields of digital audio mastering and signal processing.

In 1971, the AES established the Silver Medal Award in honor of audio pioneers Alexander Graham Bell, Emile Berliner and Thomas Edison, in recognition of an outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering. This year Ioan Allen will receive the Silver Medal for outstanding contributions—sustained over four decades—to motion picture sound, including audio recording and playback technology, operational standards, equipment and the acoustics of cinemas.

The Society established the Distinguished Service Medal Award in 1991 in recognition of extraordinary service to the Society over a period of more than 10 years. Irv Joel will receive this award for his many years of service to the New York Section, to AES Conventions both as a committee member and contributor, to the Historical Committee, to the Oral History Project and to the Standards Committee, which he helped to found. Han Tendeloo will receive the Distinguished Service Medal in recognition of significant service and contributions to the development and management of the society, sustained over more than 30 years. Emil Torick will be honored for 50 years of outstanding service to the Society, including 25 years as president of the AES Education Foundation.

“AES Awards hold great meaning for our members,” concludes AES president Jim Anderson. “Each award is carefully considered by the Board of Governors. They are highly prized because they are based on merit and accomplishment alone.”

The 127th AES Convention will be held October 9–12, 2009 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. A Preliminary Calendar of Events is posted at