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ADAM A5/Sub7 System: Highest Performance For Home & Desktop Use

Anaheim, CA––New from ADAM Audio at Winter NAMM is the A5/Sub7 speaker system that brings the highest standard of performance to home, studio and desktop computer applications.

Critically acclaimed in Mix, CE Pro, Hi-Fi World (UK), Future Music (UK) and, the compact A5 uses the same ADAM proprietary transducer technology (ART) and the same woofer sandwich construction of carbon fiber and Rohacell® as the larger A7 monitor.
Built-in amplifiers in the A5 with 2 x 25W powering capability control the drivers directly. A panel on the rear side features numerous controls to adapt the loudspeaker to the specific room acoustics or personal preferences.
The A5 features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs, and Stereo-link®, an exclusive technology of the A5 provides two additional inputs and outputs for the second stereo channel so the user can adjust the volume of both

loudspeakers with one control only.

stands are available that have been particularly designed to optimize the speaker’s acoustics.
Designed to complement the A5 and A7 monitors, the Sub7’s small footprint allows for easy placement even in small spaces.
The front panel features two motorized potentiometers to adapt the input level and crossover frequency settings for optimum performance. These pots can also be controlled with an included wireless remote control, allowing users to optimize your sound reproduction from your ideal listening position.
The Sub7 is equipped with both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA or Cinch) input and output connectors and numerous controls. A 0°/180° phase switch and a switchable 85 Hz highpass filter allows you to find the best settings for an ideal sound and performance.
The low frequency response of 31 Hz (-3 dB point) enables this subwoofer to reproduce a register of even this range in a highly authentic manner.
For more information about the A5/Sub 7 system and ADAM Audio, please stop by Booth #7119 at Winter NAMM, call 516.681.0690 or visit