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Ashly Audio Helps Set the Stage at Dutch Brewpub that Primes Patrons for Epic Times

Stanislaus Brewskovitch, a craft brewery located in Enschede, Netherlands is focused on creating an environment where patrons can share in the pleasure of good drink and epic times. And while the brewpub’s finely crafted lagers, stouts and red IPAs are the headline act, the brewery makes sure it sets the right stage with a sound system powered by Ashly Audio.

As is the case with many hospitality environments, Stanislaus Brewskovitch has an audio setup that requires a multi-zone approach to system design. The brewpub has a bar, a lounge area, a gallery, an upper floor, and a visitor’s space next to the brewing kettles. It also hosts live music, meaning a separate audio solution for live music was required to allow bands to easily plug into existing equipment.

To meet these diverse, yet not uncommon needs, the brewpub turned to Vibeon Beeld en Geluid, a regional audio integrator, and Tau Audio Solutions BV, a supplier of audio and communication systems.

“What you find in hospitality is that each space has its own demands,” said Jefta Siekmans, Business Development Manager at Tau. “Stanislaus Brewskovitch was no exception as they were looking to develop a sensational experience for their patrons but with a system that was intuitive to control both by staff and by any musical acts coming to perform.”

To achieve this, the team provided digital signal processing for several of the Bosch speakers throughout the facility with the Ashly Audio Pema 4250.10 mixer. Where heavier loudspeakers are installed – the Archon 108 of FBT, with a wattage of 350 – an Ashly Audio KLR-2000 600-Watt power amplifier is used.

Further, an Ashly digiMIX18 is used for a digital mixing desk and audio processor to allow musicians and bands to plug their equipment directly into the performance system. Full control of the system is offered behind the bar with Ashly’s simple RW-8C wall control panel.

According to Tau, the brewpub was immediately impressed by the performance of the Ashly solutions.

“The goal with all our projects is to end with a customer that is absolutely impressed by what we’ve accomplished,” said Siekmans “Ashly helps us achieve this by offering a number of products that fit in an integration. From the easy and intuitive control of the system to the DSP-laden mixers, there is a place for Ashly in nearly every project we do. Having that flexibility means we’re able to win business in versatile, multi-zone spaces like Stanislaus Brewskovitch.”