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Top French Film Composer Nathaniel Méchaly Chooses PMC Monitoring For His Private Studio

French composer Nathaniel Méchaly has installed a pair of PMC IB2S XBD-A monitors in his private studio in Paris, citing the precision and openness of their sound as the main reasons for choosing this system.

Best known as the composer of the Taken trilogy starring Liam Neeson, Méchaly began his career as a composer for television shows and commercials before moving into the world of film. His list of credits also includes The Black Box, Revolver, The Secret, Room of Death, Dorothy Mills, Columbiana and Angélique. In 2013, Méchaly, with Japanese composer Shigery Umebayashi, won Best Original Film Score at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Composer at the 8th Asian Film Awards for The Grandmaster.

“I do plenty of work in my own studio but when I have to record big ensembles I use commercial facilities around the world in places such as Paris, London, Budapest and Bangkok,” he explains. “My studio is equipped with an SSL C300HD digital console, outboard equipment from manufacturers such as Eventide, Manley, Lexicon and Sony, a selection of synths and an assortment of guitars and basses. I also has a small recording rig at home so that I can capture the sound of my grand piano.”

Earlier this year, Méchaly decided to upgrade the monitoring in his studio by installing PMC IB2S XBD-A monitors, which were supplied by PMC’s French distributor Studio Dealers. These are now his primary stereo monitors and the main channels of his 5.1 surround system.

“The quality and precision of the sound made me want to invest in a pair of IB2S XBD-A monitors,” he says. “The sound spectrum is just incredible. When you mix music with IB2S speakers, you can hear every detail because they are so accurate. You also know that, no matter where your music is played, it will reproduce exactly how you wanted it to sound.”

Spending long hours in the studio can be exhausting, but Méchaly says that the smoothness of the IB2S monitors makes the whole process much more enjoyable because his ears don’t get tired and he doesn’t end up with a headache.

He adds: “When I mix in stereo mode, I also use a pair of proximity monitors and I really can hear the difference between them and my PMCs. The sound seems very ‘locked’ with other monitors, whereas the IB2S just open up the sound in a very precise way. You can also really hear the quality of the amps.”

Méchaly’s PMC system has been working hard this summer, firstly on music for a new Swedish movie and also on a French movie that Mechaly is just completing.

“Both of these projects were mixed in my own studio on my incredible PMCs,” he says.


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