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Electro-Voice Cardinal Artist Signature Model Released in Japan


On March 26, a stunning artist signature model of the Electro-Voice Cardinal microphone was released exclusively for the Japanese market.

This custom edition of EV‘s popular large diaphragm condenser was designed for Shinya, drummer for legendary Japanese rock band Luna Sea. The band recently reunited after a seven year hiatus, selling out a show at the Tokyo Dome on December 24th, 2007.

Shinya designed the custom Cardinal especially for the occasion, incorporating his trademark butterfly motif into the design. Along with superlative studio vocal and guitar performance, the EV Cardinal has proved itself as an excellent mic for drum applications–particularly when used for overheads–and Shinya‘s endorsement reinforces its position as a new standard for superb percussion sound quality.

Imprinted with 1-100 serial numbers, the limited edition model comes in a high-quality acrylic case including photos from the December 24th concert. The nameplate reads “GOD BLESS YOU – One Night Dejavu – TOKYO DOME 2007.12.24” and features Shinya‘s signature.