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** Photo: Bruce Hyer with his Equator Audio monitors **
Buford, GA – April 2014… In the world of advertising, delivering content that accurately portrays, reinforces, and builds a company’s brand image is central to staying in business. And if a high percentage of that business involves the creation of audiovisual materials, one must ensure the depiction of interesting and appealing visuals accompanied by audio content with clear, natural voice and music reproduction characteristics. Without the ability to clearly hear what’s taking place, the message is lost. That’s why—to ensure pristine audio performance—the creative team at Adventure Advertising, LLC relies on the sonic accuracy of the D5 and D8 studio reference monitors from San Diego, CA-based Equator Audio.

Bruce Hyer is a Partner and Creative Director at Adventure Advertising, LLC, a boutique agency specializing in the development, execution, and measurement of integrated marketing solutions. Adventure focuses on leading endemic and non-endemic brands seeking to connect with the 140 million Americans who are passionate about fishing, marine, hunting, and related outdoor activities. In addition to overseeing the creative staff and working directly with clients and vendors, Hyer spends most of his time editing video and audio or working behind the camera. He discussed his fondness for the Equator Audio monitors.

“I purchased my first set of Equator monitors, the D5s, about a year and a half ago,” Hyer reports. “The D5s are for my home studio, where I produce video projects for non-profit groups in my spare time. Frequently, these projects involve a lot of interviews, so the voicing of the D5s makes them ideal for this kind of work. The clarity they provide also helps my music production—enabling me to hear and control the imaging of each instrument in the mix.”

“In January,” he continued, “we bought the D8s, which are used in our newest edit suite. Most of our projects either originate in or go through this room before being delivered to the client and the Equator D8s play a major role in the work we do here. Our work ranges from simple 3-minute product videos to full-on long-form productions like Project Z, a 5-episode series of branded content created for web distribution. The accuracy and clarity of the D8s help us to identify and fix problem clips with speed and confidence. And, for new work, the D8s enable us to create rich, powerful sound effects and music that adds the ‘secret sauce’ that sets our work apart. The materials we produce using the D8s translate well to a wide variety of playback sources, and this attribute is critically important in our business.”

Like many advertising professionals, Hyer’s workstation runs Adobe Premiere for video and light audio sweetening, Audition for more demanding audio tasks, and Apple’s Logic for music production. Combined with his Equator monitors, Hyer has created a compact and remarkably capable production environment. “The Equator D8s sound absolutely awesome,” he says. “I love working with them in this type of compact and highly efficient workspace.”

When queried about his experience with Equator Audio’s customer and technical support services, Hyer offered the following, “I really haven’t had much occasion to contact them. The one time I did, I spoke with Marty Bradley, the General Manager, and he was both very knowledgeable and courteous. My question was answered right away.”

Before turning his attention back to the various projects currently underway, Hyer offered these parting thoughts. “As a small business, we are always trying to get the most value from our investments in critical infrastructure. Our Equator monitors give me high-end performance at an extremely competitive price, and I’m grateful for that. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase.”

To learn more about Adventure Advertising, LLC, visit the company’s website at Samples of Hyer’s work using the Equator D5 and D8 studio reference monitors can be found at and

About Equator Audio
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