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Linkin Park Enlists Apogee on ‘Secret’ Mix

Los Angeles, CA-While in the throes of mixing songs from Linkin Park‘s Earth Day performance in Japan tracked just a week earlier, Le Mobile‘s Guy Charbonneau was called in last minute to mix a secret performance of the band for influential, new music station KROQ 106.7FM at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles. Charbonneau mixed from his portable Pro Tools system with a stack of AD-16X and DA-16X‘s direct-connected to an HD-3 rig via Apogee X-HD option cards.

“Kevin & Bean‘s Breakfast With…” series has become an incredible vehicle through which some of the biggest artists in new music today are showcased, including Beck, Coldplay, and Nine Inch Nails. With 100 lucky listeners in the audience, the show is broadcast to millions of morning KROQ listeners, rendering sonic quality a top priority. “We are right in the middle of mixing songs from the Japan performance, so we couldn‘t bring the truck up from San Diego for this event,” explains Guy. “But fortunately, we have a portable Pro Tools system that we can pack up and travel with at a moment‘s notice-which is what we are using today.”

Set up in a makeshift mixing room behind the stage, Guy worked to capture the magic and energy of the band‘s performance. “It is important to have the best tools going into any live recording situation. With the 16X‘s, I know that the sound is being captured and played back correctly. I have really come to depend on them.”

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