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METAlliance Announces Pro Partners at Winter NAMM

Leading Pro Audio Manufacturers Join Top Engineer/Producers

Pictured at Winter NAMM 2008 are METAlliance founders (L-R rear) Elliot Scheiner, Ed Cherney, Al Schmitt, Frank Filipetti, Phil Ramone, George Massenburg, and Chuck Ainlay. In the foreground are inaugural Pro Partners (L-R) Bill Putnam, Jr., Universal Audio; Joel Silverman, Millennia Media; Jeff Phillips, Lexicon; Peter Chaikin, JBL Pro; Mike Edwards, Audio-Technica; EveAnna Manley, Manley Labs; John Jennings, Royer; Carl Jacobson, Cakewalk. Photo by Leah Lee.

Anaheim, CA, January 19, 2008, Winter NAMM — The METAlliance today announced the first group of Pro Partner manufacturers in a new program of professional audio and video companies working with the Alliance to recognize the call for quality in the recording arts.

The METAlliance is comprised of a group of globally-recognized, award-winning audio engineers and producers who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording. The METAlliance Board of Directors is Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner and Al Schmitt.

George Massenburg addressed the press conference: “We hold thorough, comprehensive testing and evaluation in the highest regard. The METAlliance is all about recognizing the benefit of quality workmanship, not to mention quality listening. We qualify tools knowing that in our everyday work we’re using what we’re testing.”

Pro Partners who joined the METAlliance at the press conference include Audio-Technica, Cakewalk, GML, JBL Pro, Lexicon, Manley Labs, Millennia Media, Royer Labs, Sanken Microphones, and Universal Audio. Once named a METAlliance partner, the organization supports evaluated products of the partner companies.

“The METAlliance founding members are legendary in their contribution to recorded music and pursuit of excellence,” remarked Peter Chaikin, JBL Director, Recording and Broadcast Marketing. “We’re honored JBL studio monitors have received the METAlliance certification and we’re thrilled to become a METAlliance Pro Partner.”

Recognizing the industry’s success in bringing products offering convenience and low cost, the Alliance is dedicated to the passionate commitment of securing the art of music through recording technologies that best deliver the music in all it‘s many modern forms. To do this, quality needs to be recognized and supported.

Elliot Scheiner explained: “Somebody needs to step up to the plate to show the people that make recordings that you can still have quality. We’re a group they can trust to speak the truth.”

Jim Pace, METAlliance Dir. of Business Affairs, added: “Some may argue that there is no need for higher quality because the average consumer doesn’t care. It’s not a question of bandwidth or delivery anymore. So who is the METAlliance speaking to? One group would be the people who buy these products here at NAMM — people who try to create and craft their art in any way they can. Because they work to get it right, these are the ‘consumers‘ that realize it’s worth it to get the full sonic experience at home or wherever they play music. It doesn’t have to be ‘almost good enough,’ it can be a truly fulfilling experience.”

Pro Partner membership is limited to companies which have shown a capacity and proclivity to manufacture and distribute products that meet the organization‘s professional audio qualifications.

Interested companies should contact:

Jim Pace, Dir. of Business Affairs: [email protected]

The Alliance is a Tennessee registered LLC.

METAlliance : strategic union of music producers and engineers dedicated to the highest standards of audio and delivery of music, securing the art through recording technology in all its evolving modern forms.