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Miller Tripods to Highlight the New Complete CinX Cinema Range at NAB 2023

Practical Features Provide Reliable Camera Support for Cinematic Productions

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 5, 2023 — Provider of professional fluid heads and tripods for the world’s leading camera operators in the film and television industries, Miller Tripods will introduce, under the Miller Cine brand, its new CinX 8 and 9 large fluid heads and CinX 20, 23 and 25 smaller fluid heads at the 2023 NAB Show (Booth C4221). These new models will complete Miller’s Fluid head offering to the cinema industry with the aim to cover every potential application. The CinX range now comprises of eight fluid heads bringing new opportunities to professional cinematography at very competitive prices.

Following the success of the CinX 3, 5 and 7, which are mid-sized fluid heads, Miller listened to its customers to extend the range with smaller and larger heads to cover most applications. The new CinX 8 and 9 have a capacity of 40kg/88lbs, both employing an ARRI compatible side loading camera plate. The CinX 8 is fitted with a 150mm, low profile clawball and the CinX 9 has a flat base, which may be attached to a Mitchell flat base adaptor or a 150mm clawball. The Cinx 9 is styled to a low profile cinematic attractive look. Both heads have 16 positions of counterbalance steps and 7+0 position pan and tilt fluid drag system. The new models are constructed of lightweight, high-strength die-cast alloy and rigid composite polymers, while remaining lightweight and compact for convenient transportation. The new CinX 8 and 9 come with sturdy pan handles to reduce flex under heavy drag. The side loading ARRI-compatible camera plate with 150mm of travel, speeds up the setup of most rig configurations. Accessory mounting brackets, compatible to ARRI fittings, may be mounted on two locations on the pan section of the head.

Also new to the lineup are the CinX 20, 23 and 25, featuring up to 14kg/30.8lbs and employ Miller’s new Versa universal camera plate. Light weight and compact, the CinX 20 and 23 are fitted with a 75mm clawball while the CinX 25 employs a100mm clawball. All three have 16 positions of counterbalance. CinX 20 has a payload capacity of 0-8kg/17.6lbs and 3+0 pan and tilt (P&T) soft drag positions. CinX 23 boasts of 0 -10kg capacity, and 3+0 heavier P&T positions. The CinX 25 has a capacity of 14kg/30.8lbs and 5+0 P+T positions.

All CinX models employ the Miller “Right Feel” smooth start and soft stop technology and well-balanced diagonal drag transitions and consistent drag resistance over a wide range of temperatures. Perfect for a variety of cinematic applications, the CinX 8 and 9, “all in one location” illuminated rear mounted controls and bubble level, enables operators to make adjustments in dimly lit conditions, without having to feel their way around or use a torch light.

The CinX range now consists of the CinX 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 20, 23 and 25. Designed to be high quality, the line presents the best features for optimum results and a price that even new entrants can afford. Furthermore, the CinX range comes with the Miller Gold 3-year factory warranty for peace of mind.

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