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Minnetonka Audio Slates NAB 2012 for Domestic Loudness Control Drive

Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc.

Company demos reference implementation of ITU & ATSC loudness control for CALM Act

MINNETONKA, MN — Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound and consumer electronics applications, will be exhibiting at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention, demonstrating their loudness control solution. AudioTools Loudness Control Server (ALCS) represents the state of the art in loudness control technology that preserves artistic production intent. Because material is handled out of real time, the data essence can be processed to optimize both fidelity and CALM Act compliance.

“Streaming–mode loudness control is the sensible approach for playout to air as a last line of defense,” said John Schur, President of Minnetonka Audio. “However, the specifications dictate loudness control based on the entire program. Having access to the whole file means that ALCS can optimally process audio essence that requires it, while passing through material that already conforms to the recommended practice.”

Already in service providing automated, high fidelity measurement and correction at dozens of broadcaster sites across the European Union, AudioTools Loudness Control Server is solving loudness control problems stateside as well. Jayson Tomlin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Minnetonka Audio, observed that, “What was formerly a mandated issue only in the EU has now become critical path, here in the US with the FCC enforcement of the CALM Act, and real–time solutions, whether in a DAW or air chain, are not the best place to control loudness.”

“Dynamic range control is not loudness control,” Tomlin continued. “As the EBU R128 docs state, ‘Dynamic compression is…an artistic tool and not a loudness weapon.’ Since a real–time solution cannot capture the whole history of a program, fidelity usually suffers when you attempt CALM Act conformance with dynamics packages. In fact, dynamic range compression will cause your program to actually play quieter once it’s been adjusted.”

AudioTools Loudness Control Server’s programmatic, file–based approach avoids the pitfalls of manual and real–time measurement, so correction is always compliant without forcing the audio to conform to preset dynamics envelopes. AudioTools server also automates QC chores and seamlessly interoperates with Dolby E, MXF, QuickTime and other broadcast standards. Additionally, support for XML and SOAP protocols allows ATS to communicate with a facility’s existing asset management systems and workflow managers.

Minnetonka Audio will be demonstrating AudioTools Server configurations at the upcoming NAB convention in April. For in–depth information on Minnetonka Audio’s entry level to enterprise loudness control solutions for media production and post, visit booth SL7706 at the NAB show, head to minnetonkaaudio dot com on the web, or call Minnetonka Audio at 1-952-449-6481.

About Minnetonka Audio Software
An award winning solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, Minnetonka Audio Software creates essential technology for top media professionals around the world. Their SurCode, discWelder, AWE and revolutionary AudioTools Server product lines broadly support the CD, DVD, BD and DTV standards, and represent the definitive leader in OEM codec licensing, as well as file–based QC and loudness control. Spanning over two decades of operation and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has a subsidiary in Germany in addition to an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

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