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Native Son Drew Holcomb Records New Album at Ardent in Memphis

Producer/Engineer Andy Hunt Follows Up 2011 Hit “Chasing Someday”

Pictured at Ardent in Memphis are (L-R) Adam Swafford, assistant engineer; Andy Hunt, producer/engineer; Ellie Holcomb, vocals/guitar; Drew Holcomb, vocals/guitar; Rich Brinsfield, bass; Nathan Dugger, guitar/keys.

Drew Holcomb has recorded his fifth studio album at Ardent Studios in Memphis. Holcomb earned a considerable following after his 2005 album, “Washed in Blue,” was released and had multiple TV placements on Lifetime’s “Army Wives,” Showtimes’s “United States of Tara,” and A&E’s “The Cleaner.” Songwriter Ellie Bannister Holcomb, who performs alongside her husband in the band, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, is the daughter of renowned producer/songwriter Brown Bannister.

“We did a couple of days at Ardent in April,” explained Drew Holcomb. “It went so well, we decided to cut the entire album here on Ardent’s classic Neve console. Basically, we recorded live with some iso booths and good lines of sight for the band. We are going for a very live sound, especially for the drums, and we wanted to get a certain 70s vibe that Ardent definitely can create, using a lot of the old microphones, a Fairchild limiter, and the great vintage gear they have here. One of the big attractions at Ardent is the bigness of the room and the warmth of the wooden walls that creates a real mellow and creative vibe for us.”

Holcomb has gained most of his following with a heavy touring schedule, headlining regionally in the Southeast, and opening for national acts such as Susan Tedeschi, Ryan Adams, Los Lobos, Jon McLaughlin, The Avett Brothers, Robert Earl Keen, Marc Broussard, Dave Barnes, and Matt Hires.

“It’s not only the atmosphere at Ardent, but the whole scene here in the middle of midtown,” Holcomb added. “It’s just a great place to be, with the great food and bars around here. You just feel like you’re in an environment where you want to be making music.”

Holcomb’s 2011 album “Chasing Someday,” produced by Andy Hunt at his East Nashville Wide Studios, debuted at number 182 on the Billboard 200. The new album, also produced by Hunt, will be released in February, 2013, on Dualtone Records.

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