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Neutrik Americas to Showcase a Wealth of Connectivity Options During NAMM 2024


Charlotte, NC – NAMM Booth #14619… Neutrik Americas, part of Neutrik Group, the world’s leading provider of professional AVL connectivity solutions, will be showcasing during the NAMM show an assortment of connectors that address a variety of applications. These products include select etherCON® ESD Series products, the silentPLUG STARDUST Edition plugs, the XX Series Straight silentPLUG, and the REAN Power X Series connectors. Further, the company will also be featuring a forthcoming IP65-rated signal chain solution.

NEUTRIK will be showing the NE8FAH-LD-DAE and NE8FAV-C5-AE products from the etherCON ESD Series chassis connectors line. The etherCON ESD Series improves the performance of the popular etherCON A Series by including asymmetric compound (non-metallic) push tabs. The connectors’ ESD-protective, compound push tabs protect against damage to sensitive electronics from unwanted energy entering the connector through the latch, whether from a finger touch or other transmission. Furthermore, the asymmetric design saves space for labeling purposes. Equally notable, the push tab is non-reflective due to the black-colored compound material.

NEUTRIK’s new silentPLUG STARDUST Edition joins the company’s silentPLUG family of connectors. At the heart of the STARDUST Edition lies a pioneering carbon graphene compound. With its stardust black appearance and cool-to-the-touch, lightweight housing, silentPLUG STARDUST Edition offers all the latest silentPLUG features. The NEUTRIK silentPLUG prevents pops, rattling, and squealing noises when plugging and unplugging instruments such as electric guitars and basses. Its refreshed design is easier to handle and allows for better protection against impacts. The housing offers an upgraded design, which is shock resistant and slip proof, featuring soft grip zones in its two-component housing.

With their rugged IP65 rating protection for dependable performance in outdoor environments, the REAN X Series Power Connectors offer CBC breaking capacity—enabling a technician to connect or disconnect under load / live conditions. The REAN X Series Power Connectors encompass four products, the RRAC3F-X-000 lockable power outlet chassis connector, the RRAC3M-X-000 lockable power inlet chassis connector, the RCAC3F-X-000 lockable female cable connector, and the RCAC3M-X-000 lockable male cable connector.

NEUTRIK’s DR Series XLR and etherCON connectors, designed to meet the needs of OEMs, integrators, as well as professionals in live events and broadcasting, offer a range of impressive features, by addressing the growing demand for IP65-rated signal chain solutions. Neutrik Americas will showcase its collaboration with PK Sound in enhancing the connectivity of its advanced loudspeaker products. A PK Sound T8 robotic line array module outfitted with the NEUTRIK DR Series connector will be on display in our booth during the NAMM show.

The DR Series connectors include consistent D-size configurations across all connector types, covering etherCON and XLR 3/5/4+2 pin, available in both male and female variations. These connectors feature an ear-mount design and maintain a uniform 24mm spacing from the chassis to the PCB across all connector types, allowing for the creation of streamlined single-plane board designs, optimizing efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, an IP65-rated option is available for these connectors, whether mated or unmated, thanks to the inclusion of a sealing flange. These connectors seamlessly integrate with existing NEUTRIK and REAN brand inline connectors.

Mark Boyadjian, Senior Customer Solutions Engineer at Neutrik Americas, commented on the company’s DR Series products, “We believe the DR Series connectors will meet the sophisticated needs of today’s AVL products for frequent and rugged use at events and broadcasts. When we look at how our industry has grown and what it has grown into, the need to keep the elements out of equipment and cabling is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. I’m proud to say that the Neutrik Group continues to work on providing solutions that join innovation with the needs of customers.  It’s been the cornerstone of our company for nearly 50 years.”

Neutrik Americas encourages attendees at this year’s NAMM show in Anaheim, CA to stop by their booth to see the wide range of connectivity solutions the company offers. In addition to experiencing the products up close, there will be technical staff on-site to answer any questions visitors may have.

About Neutrik Americas                                                                                                                       

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Neutrik Americas, a subsidiary of Neutrik AG and a member of the Neutrik Group, is the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional AVL connectivity solutions throughout the Americas. Neutrik manufactures a wide array of connectors, fiber optic connector systems and accessories for a broad range of customers ranging from rock bands to lighting designers to broadcast studios to industrial equipment manufacturers. The Neutrik Group develops, designs, manufactures, and globally distributes innovative interconnection products and systems under the NEUTRIK, CONTRIK, and REAN brands. Neutrik Group is a global leader in a wide range of market segments. For more information, please visit